Name: Sergi Colomina de Frias “Colo”

Instrument: Bass guitar

Date of birth: September 9th, 1998

Joined Marble Shadow: April 2021

Equipment: Ltd bass, Fretless Yamaha bass

Musical background: My father, Mike Zagora

Previous bands: None

Current bands: Marble Shadow, Blind Desire

Musical inspirations: Steve Harris, Taka from Galneryus, Oriol Barber

Best gig by another band/artist: Mr.Big

Favourite bands/artists/: Galneryus, Angra, Chick Corea Elektric Band

Musicians: Yuhkinen

Favourite album: Vetelgyus, Vorvados, Advance to the fall, Angels Cry

Favourite song: Destinations, fate of the sadness, and Secret Love by Galneryus

Favourite food: Catalan food and Sushi

Favourite drink: Water

Place you would like to visit: South America, North and Eastern Europe

Hobbies: Workout, Manga, play the bass